Resurrection Letters Anthology (2CD)

Andrew PetersonSKU: 829619210521
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Resurrection Letters Anthology is the culmination of a multiproject, ten year journey.
Beautifully packaged, this three disc boxed set includes œResurrection Letters: Volume I which is the prequel to œResurrection Letters: Volume II. Combined with Resurrection Letters:
Prologue, these albums combine to tell all parts of the Easter story - Christs death, burial and resurrection.
01. Last Words (Tenebrae)
02. Well Done, Good & Faithful
03. The Ninth Hour
04. Always Good
05. God Rested
01. His Heart Beats
02. Risen Indeed
03. Remember Me
04. Ive Seen Too Much
05. Remember And Proclaim
06. Maybe Next Year
07. Rise Up
08. Is He Worthy?
09. All Things Together
01. All Things New
02. Hosanna
03. All Youll Ever Need
04. Invisible God
05. Hosea
06. Love Is A Good Thing
07. Dont Give Up On Me
08. Rocket
09. Windows In The World
10. Ive God News
11. The Good Confession (I Believe)

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