Highway 35

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A gripping story of survival, recovery and holding onto hope after a life-changing road accident
With thirty years of marriage under their belts and three grown-up children, Chris and Denise Arthey were looking forward to fulfilling a lifelong dream of completing a motorcycle journey across the States. But, just as their dream had begun, devastation struck - a horrific accident on a weekend motorcycle ride would change their lives forever.
This is their moving account of the accident and all that was to follow - the dark times in recovery, learning to cope with pain and a new reality, and becoming used to being physically dependant on others, leaning on the support of their family, friends and ultimately, the God they love and serve. Telling the story with raw honesty and vulnerability, the Artheys take you on their unique journey of hope against all odds, revealing the depth and integrity of their relationship and their faith.
Ultimately, their hope in God was to provide the strength they needed to rebuild their lives, step by step, after their accident.
Offering readers great encouragement and the tools to draw on in their own personal journeys of loss and suffering, Highway 35 invites readers to dig deeper into their relationship with Jesus and with others, inspiring us to face the toughest moments of life with strength and hope.

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