Essential Guide To The Tabernacle

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The tabernacle (“tent of meeting”) was the place where the Israelites worshiped God during their wilderness wanderings after the Exodus. Learn how everything about the tabernacle, from its construction to its contents, teaches us about God.
See how the tabernacle was built, the furniture inside and how it was used, and why it was important to the Israelites. Detailed illustrations show inside and outside of the tabernacle. See the parallels between Old Testament sacrifices and priests’ duties and Jesus’ role in the New Testament as our perfect sacrifice and high priest, and much more. Dozens of colorful charts and illustrations, along with helpful time lines and calendars, make this compact, easy-to-use book a perfect resource for anyone wanting to learn more about the tabernacle.
Essential Guide to the Tabernacle features:
Full-color illustrations of each section of the tabernacle
Explanations of the furniture inside the tabernacle and how it was used
A calendar of feasts and holy days
Descriptions of the high priest’s clothing
Dozens of charts and time lines
Essential Guides are compact biblical resources to take wherever you go!

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