On Worship (Jun 2022)

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Worship is at the center of the Christian life, so how do wedo it corporately?With so many opinions and preferences, we’reoften reluctant to speak authoritatively about corporate worship. There are justtoo many opportunities to upset people. Yet corporate worship is a critical partof the church’s rhythms, and it ought to be done faithfully and well. That’swhy On Worship was written. In these 31 instructive reflectionsfrom pastor and teacher H. B. Charles, you’ll learn about many topics including:The Bottom-Line of Christian WorshipThe Role of Musicin WorshipWhether Children Should Receive the Lord’s SupperPreachingas WorshipThe Meaning and Importance of a BenedictionFromgrand truths to nitty-gritty realities, explore what it means to worship God inlife and in a church service with a thoughtful veteran pastor you can trust.

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