Armed for Victory (July 2022)

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Are you struggling to overcome the spiritual enemies that are coming against you?
You may be using the wrong weaponry.

God is opening His armory and releasing weapons of warfare that haven’t been seen in generations. The enemy is using these perilous end times to cause many believers to become worn out, depressed, and defeated because they are unwittingly using the wrong weapons in battle.
It’s time to get equipped with the right weapons.
In Armed for Victory, Pastor and author Alan DiDio brings revelation about spiritual warfare tactics that will empower and activate you for victory. Don’t live one more day in deception, denial, or defeat. It’s time to overcome!
Unlock Heaven’s armory, and get equipped with supernatural weapons for victory.
  • Utilize subtlety in the battle against the spiritual “deep state”
  • Open portals for military provisions to be transferred through prayer
  • Unlock the mystery of warfare prayer
  • Access your Prophetic Intelligence Briefing
  • Discover the Prophecy of Goliath’s Sword
  • Repurpose enemy technology as weapons to advance Gods’ kingdom
You were born to win, and you have access to the intelligence, tools, and strategies that guarantee your victory. Learn these principles, use the right weapons, and secure victory in every battle!

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