Drive-Thru Miracle

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Drive-Thru Miracle is a contemporary middle grade novel about an eleven-year-old girl named Mae Moore who is in need of a miracle she doesn’t even think is possible.
Eleven-year-old Mae Moore is having a horrible birthday week. Her sister, Shelby, just had another seizure on account of her cerebral palsy. The school bully won’t leave Mae and her best friend alone. Most of the adults in her life are having money troubles. And then there’s her secret—the terrible wish Mae made two years ago—that she can’t seem to shake.
Mae needs a miracle, or maybe multiple. But why would God bother to listen to her prayers? Especially when it seems He hasn't listened in the past? Still, when Mae discovers that one of her closest friends also needs divine intervention, Mae just might learn to forgive herself, trust in others, and, by faith, step into that miraculous life she’s been longing for.
With plenty of adventure, mischief, and humor to keep readers on their toes, Drive-Thru Miracle is a contemporary middle grade novel that confronts the honest—and sometimes difficult—truths about life with loads of spunk and lots of sincerity. Not shying away from hard topics like bullying, disability, and poverty, author Dana Edwards weaves Mae’s story with empathy and optimism, showing readers that the God of miracles is still clearly working in this world, even if we can’t see it.

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