Praying from Fire (June 2022)

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Pray Prayers that Rend the Heavens, Receive Answers and Unleash the Power of God.

It’s time for you to experience the supernatural power of God, see prophetic promises fulfilled, and live in sustained revival!

Author and prayer leader, Melissa Medina offers a timely wake-up call and an invitational guide for anyone hungry to experience the presence and power of God. Weaving together Biblical examples, personal stories, historic events, and practical activations, Melissa offers a powerful handbook for turning your prayer life into a vital link with God and unlimited resources from Heaven!
  • Get ignited with a zeal for prayer and a fiery desire to draw others into it
  • Break free of hindrances to an enjoyable and consistent life of prayer
  • Encounter God more intimately through a renewed approach to prayer
  • Effectively engage in prayer as your personal pathway to revival and the supernatural
  • Pray prayers that “hit the mark” and release Heaven’s results
This book can be the spark that reignites your hunger for God and passion for revival. Let today be your day of spiritual awakening, and set the world on fire from your place of prayer!

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