Perspective (Apr 2022)

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You can go beyond where you are now, and become a supernatural weapon to impact your future.
This book will help you understand what is happening in the world from a prophetic perspective, and what the believer’s role is in God’s plan for the future and how it impacts you.
Picking up where The Passover Prophecies left off, Chuck D. Pierce—one of America’s most respected prophetic voices today—takes you on a prophetic “tour” of what the Holy Spirit is saying in this hour about the church in America and around the world.
In The Passover Prophecies, Pierce talked about the pey (Passover) decade that the church has entered: a seven-year period between 2019 and 2026 in which war is coming to the church—spiritually, prophetically, politically, and economically. In A Time to Go Beyond, Chuck Pierce explains how the world powers jockey for position and the enemy attempts to diminish America’s role as a world power. He challenges the church to rise up and walk into its “warfare assignment” to defeat the Pharaoh-like structures manifesting through secularism, communism, paganism, greed, and the culture of death in which we live.

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