Built Different (January 2023)

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Ain’t nobody got time for boring Christianity!
With 1.7 million followers on TikTok, Gabe Poirot has brought the gospel to life with funny, thoughtful, and honestly, pretty random videos that are now making an impact in a 90-day devo.
God didn’t create you to be basic. When He shoots, He never misses. He created you to be BUILT DIFFERENT. Unlike that mad, boring geometry class, this life He gave you is meant to be fun. Ain’t nobody got time for boring Christianity.
Follow along in this W of a book because you will grow in your walk with God and be entertained at the same time. Filled with scripture and daily declarations, it is thicc with God’s goodness.
In Built Different, Gabe breaks down topics like… 
• You can hear God talk [for real]
• How to get a miracle
• How to beat worry
• Love? dating? relationships?
• When you feel like quitting
• How to cheat in school [the right way!]
• Getting high? [it’s free]
• God is NOT in control  

Take 90 days to meet with God, discover His incredible plan for you, and see how exciting life with Him can be!

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