Double for Your Trouble (April 2022)

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Claim Heaven’s promise of double blessing over every trial in your life! 

In this broken world, we encounter enemy attacks, personal injustice, and everyday trials. While Jesus never promised His people a trouble-free life, he did promise that their labor would not be in vain. 

God promises to reimburse his people for every hardship they encounter: “Instead of your shame you will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace you will rejoice in your inheritance.” (Isaiah 61:7, NIV)

Tragically, many believers never access this divine plan for redeeming suffering.

It’s time to be proactive. It’s time to claim double blessing for the trials you’ve experienced!

Katherine Ruonala is a globally recognized pastor, speaker, and author. Though she operates in signs and wonders, she has also experienced her share of challenges and troubles. In the midst of a particularly dark season in her life, God revealed a supernatural strategy for restoration and supernatural recompense. 

In Double for Your Trouble, Katherine empowers you to…
  • Access unclaimed promises of blessing
  • Make the enemy’s plans backfire
  • Reject a victim’s mindset and embrace victory every day
  • View trouble as a “foreign currency” that can be exchanged for heavenly blessing
  • Step up to “the divine exchange table” where you can trade trouble for double recompense
No trial should ever be wasted! Let God redeem it and release Heaven’s abundant blessing upon you!

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