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God’s Word is illegal and restricted in many nations around the world, but we must obey God rather than men and take His Word to the ends of the earth. Each purchase of an NLT Bible Smuggler Bible provides The Voice of the Martyrs with the resources to smuggle one Bible to a Christian in a restricted nation.
The Bible Smuggler Bible’s unique features make it a valuable resource for any Christian library: instant access to a robust catalog of biblical resources through the Filament app; full-color inserts featuring stories of the impact of God’s Word on persecuted Christians in countries around the world; and a full-color foldout map showing where access to Bibles is difficult, dangerous and illegal for believers in restricted nations and hostile areas. Bound in an attractive leather-like cover and featuring the New Living Translation, the Bible Smuggler Bible will encourage readers to grow in fellowship with our persecuted Christian family while meditating on truth from God’s Word.
The new NLT Bible Smuggler Bible, Filament-Enabled Edition has readable text, an attractive layout, and cross-references in a thin, easy-to-carry size. And while it has the same low price of basic text Bibles, the NLT Bible Smuggler Bible offers much more. It not only features a bold new design and the trusted and much-loved New Living Translation (NLT) but also includes the groundbreaking Filament Bible app. This app enables you to use your mobile phone or tablet to connect every page to a vast array of related content, including study notes, devotionals, interactive maps, informative videos, and worship music.
The Filament Bible app turns this Bible into a powerful study and devotional experience, offering more to expand your mind and touch your heart than you can possibly hold in your hand. And there is no additional cost for the Filament Bible app. No additional purchase. No additional size or weight. Of course, you can use this Bible without the app, but when you want to dig deeper, grab your phone or tablet and open the Filament Bible app. It’s so easy to use.
A team of 90 Bible scholars translated the original texts of Scripture into the clear, contemporary English of the New Living Translation (NLT). The result is the trusted Bible translation you can most comfortably read, understand, and apply to your life.
People of all ages who are looking for a Bible that is easy to carry and read, with a breadth of study and support materials but without additional cost, size, or weight.
  • Filament-enabled edition
  • Handy thinline size Words of Jesus in red
  • Thousands of cross-references Quality lay-flat, Smyth-sewn binding Tyndale Verse Finder
  • Presentation page, ribbon marker, and silver gilded edging
  • Exclusive VOM Bible Map overviews about VOM's Bible Smuggling Network
    Font Size: 8.75
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