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Discover the storyline of Scripture as you follow people, places, or things in the Bible. Maybe you are practiced in dissecting a passage and pulling things out of the text to apply to your life. But now you may feel as though your faith is fragmented. The Storyline Bible Studies< b> help you put the pieces back together. You ll discover cohesive, thematic storylines with literary elements and appreciate the Bible as the literary masterpiece that it is.

In Sinners< i>, we will discover God s tender compassion on anyone “ “regardless of their social status, troubled past, or the labels placed upon them. And we are going to notice the counterintuitive ways œsinful  people respond to Jesus in righteous acts of faith. You ll start to see a theme unfold: The people considered sinful often act with greater faith than the most religious people of Jesus day. In the Sinners< i> Bible study, we will explore

  • Luke 7: the sinful woman who anointed Jesus with the perfume from her alabaster jar and whose faith saved her;< li>
  • Luke 7: the Roman centurion who advocated for his sick servant and whose faith saved the servant s life;< li>
  • Matthew 9: the former tax collector and disciple named Matthew who had left his tollbooth to follow Jesus and whose faith confused the religious;< li>
  • Matthew 15: the Canaanite mom who begged Jesus to heal her demon-possessed daughter and whose faith led to her daughter s healing; and< li>
  • John 4: the Samaritan woman at the well who was approached by Jesus and whose faith started revival in her town.< li>< ul>
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