How To Teach The Old Testament To Christians

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Discover the Richness of the Old Testament
The Hebrew Scriptures are the beginning of—and foundation for—God’s incredible story of redemption. Studying the Old Testament, and its relationship to God’s new covenant, inspires wonder and awe at God’s grand plan of salvation that spans millennia. Tragically, too many preachers and Bible teachers don’t have the time or inclination to dive into the depths of the Old Testament. T. J. Betts, respected professor of Old Testament interpretation at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, provides a convenient solution in this book:
By walking you through the steps to effectively preach and teach the Old Testament
By describing how to interpret the stories and narratives in the Hebrew Scriptures
By outlining how to present, illustrate, and apply the Old Testament to people’s lives
You’ll want this book in your library because it is a tool for unpacking Scripture.
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