The New Spirit-Controlled Woman

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"Do you lead with your head or your heart? Is your glass half full or half empty? Do you shrink back in a crowd or work it? In this updated edition of her classic The Spirit Controlled Woman Dr. Beverly LaHaye helps you identify your temperament and make the most of it. Whether you're a melancholy, sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic or a unique combination, an understanding of your temperament's strengths and weaknesses can help you maximize your God given gifts. Beverly uses her own amazing story and other real life exper iences to illustrate how a Spirit Controlled Temperament can transform family,social and professional relationships; help you attaingoals more effectively; improve your communication skills; banish anger and combat depression; increase compassion for others. The Spirit controlled life is theultimate behavior modifier. Remove the temperament roadblacks and celebrate your strong points as God unfolds His wonderful p lan for your life. Table of Contents Foreward by Tim LaHaye 1. The Beginning of a Richer life 2. What is Temperament 3. Why We Act Like This 4. The Melancholy 5. The Phlegmatic 6. The Choleric 7. The Sanguine 8. Which Temperament Are You. 9. Why are We So Different 10. Singleness is Not a Curse 11. Married For Keeps 12. Temperaments and Your Loved Ones 13. Should We Consider Children 14. Temperaments and Communication 15. Anger Destroys Love & Communication in Marriage 16. Understanding The Struggle with Depression 17. Use Your Temperament to Serve the Lord 18. The Challenges of Life with a Husband 19. The Challenges for Mothers In Laws 20. The Challenge of Being a Godly Grandmother 21. The Secret of the Spirit Controlled Woman Notes"

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