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Dr. Chris Bowen, globally renowned life coach and entrepreneurial expert, has a passion to see people succeed in one of the most challenging areas of life today—finances. Shunning the idea that wealth is evidenced only by the price tags on people’s late-model cars, vacation homes, and designer fashions, in The 5-Star Entrepreneur, he shares his timeless and timely wisdom for attaining, maintaining, and increasing wealth.
Guided by Dr. Bowen, you will unpack:
• important aspects of entrepreneurship,
• the fundamentals of financial freedom,
• low debt to no debt,
• secrets of savings,
• principles of prosperity,
• creating multiple streams of income.
Everyone knows that money can’t buy a person love, joy, or peace. But, following the sound principles in The 5-Star Entrepreneur can free you financially, so you can pursue them at your leisure.
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