Do Christians, Muslims, and Jews Worship

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Do Christians, Muslims, and Jews worship the same God? More foundationally, why does it even matter? In this Counterpoints volume, edited by Ronnie P. Campbell, Jr., and Christopher Gnanakan, five top-notch scholars present the main perspectives on whether the God of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam is one and the same.
In this Counterpoints volume, five leading scholars present the main religious perspectives on the title question, demonstrating how to think carefully about an issue where opinions differ and confusion abounds. They examine related subtopics such as the difference between God being referentially the same and essentially the same; what "the same" means when referring to God; the significance of the Trinity in this discussion; whether religious inclusivism is inferred by certain understandings of God's sameness; and the appropriateness of interfaith worship.
The four main views, along with the scholars presenting them, are:
All Worship the Same God: Religious Pluralist View (Wm. Andrew Schwartz and John B. Cobb, Jr.)
All Worship the Same God: Referring to the Same God View (Francis J. Beckwith)
Jews and Christians Worship the Same God: Shared Revelation View (Gerald R. McDermott)
None Worship the Same God: Different Conceptions View (Jerry Walls)
Additionally, essays by Joseph Cumming and David W. Shenk explore the implications of this question specifically for Christians wanting to minister among and build relationships with Muslims.

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