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Unleash your creativity with a set of Veritas Colored Pencils.
The large set holds 24 Colors.
Front Row Left to Right:Hot Pink 212C;
Purple 2685C;
Blue 287C;
Light Blue 299C;
Green 348C;
Yellow Green 376C;
Yellow 102C;
Blush 1555C;
Orange 151C;
Red 200C;
Brown 478C;
Black 4C;
Back Row Left to Right:White 501;
Burnt Ochre 153C;
Magenta 2425C;
Violet 2587C;
Ultramarine 2746C;
Jade 339C;
Chrome Yellow 124C;
Vermillion 172C;
Carmine 191C;
Brick Red 704C;
Vandyke Brown 411C;
Warm Gray 11C
Use these colors by themselves for beautifully deep coverage, shade them from pale to light or layer them to create new hues. The long-lasting pencils are resistant to breakage and the wax-base lead lays down color smoothly.
Put together a gift set for a niece or an aunt and include a set of Veritas Coloring Pencils andany of our Coloring Books or Coloring Cards.
24 Colored Pencils
Vivid Colors
Easy To Apply and Easy to Layer
Create New Hues
Applies Smoothly
Breakage Resistant
Thicker Wax-based Lead
Package Size: 8.19" x 3.5" x 0.8" (208 x 89 x 20mm)
Distributor: 316Europe

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