Fear Must Not Win

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God Made You to Be Free of Fear < b>

Packed with liberating principles and truths, Fear Must Not Win: Finding Peace, Confidence, and Courage in Challenging Times < i>by Mark Steven Filkey addresses the widespread prevalence of fear and anxiety in our society and how it is affecting you. It discusses common sources of fear, such as childhood trauma, painful memories, misperceptions, and the influence of the media in promoting fear and uncertainty in our lives. Mark walks you through a variety of techniques centered on prizing God’s presence that will strengthen faith, minimize panic, withstand fear’s power to paralyze, and invite peace in all situations.

Fear Must Not Win< i> is filled with engaging stories, metaphors, lessons, and revelations to help you discover and live a fear-free life. Among other principles, you will learn how to:
  • Move past a cloud of anxiety and frustration< li>
  • Walk in newfound boldness and courage< li>
  • Enter into the creative power of God’s peace and presence< li>
  • Live a life of true joy and happiness< li>< ul>In each chapter, you will discover something deeper about yourself and the God who made you—free of fear!

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