Reading the Book of the Twelve Minor Prophets

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The promise and peril in reading the Minor Prophets.< strong> < p>

Reading the Book of the Twelve Minor Prophets< em> confronts the unique challenges presented by this daunting section of the Old Testament. < p>

  • On Reading the Twelve Minor Prophets< strong> (David G. Firth and Brittany N. Melton) < li>
  • Hosea: Marriage, Violence, and Yahweh’s Lament< strong> (Isabelle M. Hamley) < li>
  • Reading Joel within and without the Book of the Twelve< strong> (Tchavdar S. Hadjiev) < li>
  • The Use and Abuse of Technology: Habakkuk’s Ancient Critique in a Modern World< strong> (Heath A. Thomas) < li>
  • Luther’s Lectures on Habakkuk as an Example of Participatory Exegesis< strong> (Thomas Renz) < li>
  • Perspectives on Theodicy in Habakkuk and Malachi vis-à-vis Job< strong> (S. D. Snyman) < li>
  • The New Covenant in the Book of the Twelve< strong> (Anthony R. Petterson) < li>
  • Filled, Empowered, Dwelling, Trembling, and Fleeing: Mapping God’s Spirit and Presence in the Book of the Twelve< strong> (Beth M. Stovell) < li>
  • Furry, Feathery, and Fishy Friends—and Insects—in the Book of the Twelve< strong> (Julie Woods) < li>
  • Twelve Books, One Theology?< strong> (John Goldingay) < li>< ul>

    Authors from a variety of perspectives consider questions about hermeneutics and composition, reception history, theodicy, metaphors and characterization, and theology. These essays provide insights from the history of interpretation and the latest in scholarship.< p>
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