The Defiance (The Delusion Series #3)-Softcover

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Four months after the demonic ruler Molek was dragged off Owen Edmonds’s land by angelic forces, the spiritual battle in Masonville, TX, is once again intensifying. Owen and his girlfriend, Ray Anne, continue their mission to persuade the town’s residents to unite and turn to God, but their efforts are stymied again and again. Even their fellow Lights seem unaware of the looming danger. Under relentless spiritual attack, Owen and Ray Anne must come face-to-face with their own failures and choose whether they will turn toward God and each other or allow their pride and fear to tear them apart. When everything looks dark and all their resources are depleted, where will they find hope for themselves and Masonville?The Defiance is the third book in the Delusion series, bringing closure to this thrilling series.

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