Voices of Deception

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There are multitudes of voices intruding into our world, and Christians must be adept at navigating the world of deceptive voices. You can unmask the strategies of deception and the unlikely sources from which it comes. Volume one of this trilogy will assist you in identifying the origins of voices, and this volume grants an in-depth look at exposing voices of deception. This deep dive into the voices of deception will boost your tenacity to expose darkness and enforce God’s authentic Word by annihilating these destructive forces. Renowned for his straightforward and honest insight, prolific author and pastor Dr. Robert Gay continues issuing a bold and inspiring call for prophetic purity. It’s time to throw off the tinted glasses of religion and crush deception in your world!
Through this book, you will also learn how to:
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  • UNMASK the voices that seek to defraud believers
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  • REJECT spiritual contamination in the well of your spirit
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  • DISCERN prophetic nonsense with the litmus test of God’s Word
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  • FLOURISH as one who mirrors the life of Jesus
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  • EMBRACE God’s call to repentance and change

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