Thomas F. Torrance and Evangelical Theology (May 2023)

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Thomas F. Torrance invites evangelicals to think more Christianly< strong>< p>

Thomas F. Torrance and Evangelical Theology: A Critical Analysis< em> brings Torrance into closer conversation with evangelical theology on a range of key theological topics.< p>

  • Thomas F. Torrance and the Evangelical Tradition< strong> (Thomas A. Noble)< li>
  • Torrance, The Tacit Dimension, and The Church Fathers< strong> (Jonathan Warren P. (Pagan))< li>
  • Torrance and the Doctrine of Scripture< strong> (Andrew T. B. McGowan)< li>
  • Revelation, Rationalism, and an Evangelical Impasse< strong> (Myk Habets)< li>
  • Theology and Science in Torrance< strong> (W. Ross Hastings)< li>
  • A Complexly Relational Account of the Imago Dei< em> in Torrance’s Vision of Humanity< strong> (Marc Cortez)< li>
  • Barth, Torrance, and Evangelicals: Critiquing and Reinvigorating the Idea of a “Personal Relationship with Jesus”< strong> (Marty Folsom)< li>
  • Torrance and Atonement< strong> (Christopher Woznicki)< li>
  • Torrance and Christ’s Assumption of Fallen Human Nature: Toward Clarification and Closure< strong> (Jerome Van Kuiken)< li>
  • Torrance, Theosis, and Evangelical Reception< strong> (Myk Habets)< li>
  • Thinking and Acting in Christ: Torrance on Spiritual Formation< strong> (Geordie W. Ziegler)< li>
  • ‘Seeking Love, Justice and Freedom for All’: Using the Work of T.F. and J.B. Torrance to Address Domestic and Family Violence< strong> (Jenny Richards)< li>
  • Toward a Trinitarian Theology of Work< strong> (Peter K. W. McGhee)< li>
  • Torrance and Global Evangelicalism: Some Potential Generative Exchanges with Contemporary Indian Evangelical Theology< strong> (Stavan Narendra John)< li>< ul>

    < p>

    Thomas Forsyth Torrance (1913–2007) was one of the most important theologians of the twentieth century, yet his work remains relatively neglected by evangelicals. < p>

    A diverse collection of contributors engage Torrance’s pioneering and provocative thought, deriving insights from theological loci such as Scripture, Christology, and atonement, as well as from broader topics like domestic violence and science. These stimulating essays reveal how Torrance can help evangelical theologians articulate richer and deeper theology.< p>
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