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Are you looking for fresh ways to walk with, talk with, and listen to God?< b>

œBe still and know that I am God  is an invitation that has echoed throughout history. But how do we apply it to our daily lives? The reality is this: We don t need to be static for our hearts to be still. In the midst of a full, busy life, we can spend quiet time with God. Be Still< i> is a prayer book for anyone looking to set aside intentional time with God and revitalize the way they pray. Brian Heasley shares what he has learned from his thirty-year prayer habit so that you can explore various ways to pray, including Scripture memorization, prayer running, or simply being more alert to God s work and his beauty everywhere.

  • Consider how to develop a regular quiet time.< li>
  • Make space to let God s heart touch your heart.< li>
  • Learn to reflect with awe, reverence, and wonder.< li>
  • Unpack key topics with the option of group discussion.< li>
  • Grow and deepen your daily relationship with God.< li>
  • Cultivate a deeper desire to meet with God and to share his love with others.< li>< ul>
    Packed full of ideas for different ways to pray and tips and advice for how to build prayer practices into everyday life, Be Still< i> will change the way you think about prayer and devotion and equip you with all the tools you need to deepen your relationship with God. An excellent small group or mentoring tool as well as a resource for youth leaders and new believers. Companion guide to 24-7 Prayer s Be Still prayer course.
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