The Ten Commandments (Jan 2024)

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My God loves me and gives me life.< strong>< p>

His law protects the gifts he gives me.< strong>< p>

  • Learn and love the Ten Commandments< li>
  • See how Jesus fulfilled God s will< li>
  • Pray the Commandments with a family prayer< li>< ul>

    < p>

    Join FatCat as he learns the Ten Commandments ”how God s children love. Each commandment has a reflection on its meaning and illustrations from Jesus life. As you read each commandment, see how Jesus fulfilled God s will for us and showed us how to love God and others. With a list of Scripture references and a guided family prayer, this FatCat book helps all God s children memorize, understand, and love the Ten Commandments.< p>

    We love God because he first loved us. Jesus shows us how God loves us. Because Jesus obeyed his Father, we have forgiveness and life ”and many other good gifts. < p>

    God s commandments protect us and his gifts for us. When we love and obey God, we treasure the good things he gives us.< p>
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