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Wild Heart was recorded live at the Cascade Theater in Redding, California. In her fifth solo album, Kim Walker-Smith returns to the place she recorded Still Believe, Consumed (with Jesus Culture), and got married. Wild Heart explores themes of life, beginning again, and returning to our First Love. The title song, Wild Heart, expresses the jubilant love of the Father, running to meet the prodigal child. Protector is a powerful anthem and declaration of Who God is and His promise to never leave, nor forsake us.
Kims personal favorite is Youll Always Be, which is a sweet melody that rides beneath lyrics that take a strong stance on Who God is in her life. Wild Heart was recorded in one night, among a full room of people who traveled from New York, Texas, Illinois, Arizona, Washington, Idaho, and other states. This album is a collection of songs and moments that are joyful, raw, honest, and intimate.

Track Listing
Side 1
001. Breathing Room
001. Stones
002. Simple Days
002. Come Through
003. Wild Heart
003. Returning
Side 2
001. Already Have (Bear's Song)
001. You'll Always Be
002. Just To Have You
002. Only You
003. Just Be
003. Protector

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