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A Bible for Men That's Focused on Godly Character and Faithful Living.
As the world changes around us, it can be hard to hold onto your identity as a godly man. If you are struggling to find your place as a Christian, it helps to remember that while the expectations of the world seem ever-changing, the expectations that God has for you hold true. Rooted: The NIV Bible for Men strives to help you connect with your identity in Christ as it highlights timeless virtues that are still valued today. It is designed to speak to Christian men honestly and straightforwardly about their role as Christians in the face of cultural pressures and a changing society. And it speaks to character traits men need to cultivate in today's world, like confidence rooted in inner strength, self-possessed dignity and calm, kindness, joy, and leadership based in service.
Drawing on the truths of Scripture, the features in this Bible will motivate you to redeem your God-given passions, drives, and purposes so you can live out your faith. Myths articles expose commonly accepted myths of our culture that many men believe. Each article opens with the first-person story of a man who believes a particular myth and how that affects his life. Then, principles from the Bible refute the myth and offer practical guidance and help.
In addition, the Think About notes take you to the heart of important topics such as money, sex, and pride. Factoid-filled Get to Know profiles introduce you to 50 men from the Bible, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. You'll find questions to reflect on, either alone or in a small group study, in the Questions for Growth. And the Knowing God notes highlight attributes of God, teaching you that knowing the character of God can help you live as a man created in his image. Altogether, these resources offer you knowledge, wisdom, and clarity to strive to become a godly man, rooted in timeless virtues.
Rooted: The NIV Bible for Men is available in exclusive Zondervan NIV Comfort Print® for smooth reading. Expertly designed specifically to be used for the New International Version (NIV) text, Comfort Print offers an easier reading experience that complements the most widely read modern-English Bible translation.
Complete text of the accurate, readable, and clear New International Version (NIV)
100 Myth articles—States a commonly accepted myth that the world tells you is true, then refutes the myth with the truth of God’s Word.
50 Get to Know profiles—Interesting information about men of the Bible.
200 Rooted: Questions for Growth—Questions for personal reflection or small-group study.
200 Knowing God notes—Highlights an attribute of God as revealed in Scripture.
300 Think About notes—short teaching notes on life topics such as money, sex, and pride.
Articles to help men further their Bible study
66 book introductions
Subject index
Satin ribbon marker
Exclusive Zondervan NIV Comfort Print typeface
Print Size: 9.5
Distributor: 316Europe

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