Heaven And The Afterlife

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Get ready for life after death.Combining three books thattogether have sold nearly 1 million copies, Heaven and the Afterlife givesyou Erwin Lutzer’s best reflections on eternity and what it means for youtoday:One Minute After You Die. A simple and moving explanationof what the Bible teaches about life after death. How You CanBe Sure You Will Spend Eternity with God summarizes the Bible’steaching on salvation, answering questions like, “What role do I play in myown salvation? Is there anything that can make me lose my salvation?”YourEternal Rewards. This book explores the often-overlooked Scriptures aboutreward and judgment for Christians, answering questions like, “How will believersbe judged? If heaven is perfect, why do rewards even matter?”Togetherthese books will help you live faithfully today, readying you for that final hourwhen you meet your Maker. 

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