Reforming Criminal Justice

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System Reflect Christian Love of Neighbor?
In Luke 10:27, Jesus tells his followers that the whole law is encapsulated in the commands to love God and to love their neighbor as themselves. In Reforming Criminal Justice: A Christian Proposal, Matthew T. Martens argues that love of neighbor must be the animating force for true reformation of the criminal justice system. We must ask, how does Scripture guide our love for both the criminally victimized and the criminally accused?
Using his 25-year experience as a federal prosecutor and defense attorney, Martens reveals how Scripture provides several guideposts (accuracy, due process, accountability, impartiality, and proportionality) for loving our neighbors as it relates to criminal and social justice. He then summarizes the history of America’s justice system and examines how it operates today. By better understanding how our current system operates and considering how love of neighbor relates to issues of crime and justice, we will be better equipped to seek true Christian reform of the justice system.
A Biblical Perspective on Criminal Justice: Offers a biblical framework for thinking about the concept of justice for both the victim and the perpetrator
Examines the History of the American Criminal Justice System: Inspects racist uses of the criminal justice system in the United States, from the time of the Civil War to the Civil Rights Movement
Assesses the Criminal Justice System: Examines the operation of the American justice system today, including plea bargains, assistance of counsel, the death penalty, and more
Foreword by Derwin L. Gray: Pastor of Transformation Church in Indian Land, South Carolina, and the author of How to Heal Our Racial Divide and Building a Multiethnic Church
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