The Thinkers Edge (Maxwell Matters)

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To be successful, you need to learn to think better. Outthink the Competition will help you develop new mental habits that will allow you to act smarter, faster, and better than your competitors by teaching you new ways to approach problems in business and in life.
In Outthink the Competition, Maxwell details the impact and practical value of 11 kinds of thinking—including reflective, shared, creative, unselfish and big-picture—and weaves them in with practical, real-world advice. He advises readers how to discover their gifts through focused thinking, ways to break down complex issues with strategic thinking, and how to understand the value of examining the worst-case scenario through realistic thinking.
Woven throughout the text is creative typography that allows allow readers to interact with the core message in new and interactive ways. Maxwell doesn’t try to tell you what to think; instead, he shows you how to better use your most valuable asset—your mind.
Outthink the Competition will entertain, inspire, and teach new mental habits that will propel you to greater success in business and in life.
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