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SUBTITLE: God's Law of Attraction for Lasting Happiness, Fulfillment, Health, and Abundance in Life
The human mind is a powerful thing--so powerful that many philosophers believe it controls each individual's future and destiny. In modern terms, this concept is called "the law of attraction," a belief system that has recently been popularized by the best-selling book The Secret. And while the Christian community at-large seems to be distancing itself from this so-called New Age idea, author Ron McIntosh contends that much of the message behind The Secret is actually a byproduct of Biblical truth. It's a message he has personally been preaching more than a decade. The Greatest Secret uncovers these spiritual principles and provides the ultimate antidote to lack in readers' lives. The book takes each of the issues addressed in The Secret and expounds on them using scriptural references. Those topics include The Secret to Money, The Secret to Relationships, The Secret to Health, The Secret to the World, The Secret to You, and the Secret to Life. Ultimately, The Greatest Secret breaks down the law of attraction into its most original form as presented in God's Holy Word and shows that when applied according the Biblical principles on which it was originated, there is no end to the abundant blessing God can pour into one's life.

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