When Worry Whispers

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Ease your little one's mind with this encouraging picture book all about worry––both what it is and how God's promises can help us fight against it––written by #1 New York Times best-selling author Joyce Meyer.
When Worry whispers "What if?" and tells you about all of the bad things that might happen, it can make you scared and afraid. It can even make your tummy ache! So what should you do when Worry starts whispering to you?
In this sweetly inspiring book, Joyce Meyer instructs children to remember God's promises when Worry's "What ifs?" start creeping in. Biblical assurances of God's constant presence, love, and care will comfort little ones and remind them that God is in control––no matter what! Beautifully illustrated and scripturally sound, this book is a
great resource for any child struggling with the weight of Worry.
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