The Little Book For Really Really Brilliant Grandparents

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ncouragement, wisdom, and plenty of humor for very busy grandparents
Being a grandparent is often a second chance at parenting and can be full of joy and excitement. It is also a time of adjustment as we find our feet in a world of changes since having our own children. Many of us long for help, for a little encouragement as we try to be there for, and bring out the best in, our beloved grandchildren.
In this lovely, lighthearted collection of quotes and sayings, Katharine Hill-a grandparent herself-offers ideas, strategies, and practical tips on this vital role within the family. Whether we are overeager or burnt-out grandparents, very involved or unsure-how-to-help grandparents, this funny, engaging book is sure to help busy grandparents be the best grandparents they can possibly be.

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