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Leader of the popular women's ministry She Speaks Fire, Mariela Rosario shares her story of abandonment and drug use to emphasize her powerful message of overcoming shame so that readers can embrace their purpose and live boldly in the love of Jesus.
In She Speaks Fire, spoken word poet Mariela Rosario vulnerably shares her testimony of being abandoned as a child, which led to intense people pleasing and subsequent drug use. Then, alone in her house in 2015, she experienced a miraculous encounter with God that prompted her to turn away from those damaging patterns and begin attending church. As her relationship with Jesus deepened, she launched a full-time ministry, She Speaks Fire, which helps other women face their past failures and overcome feelings of shame so that they, too, can live fully and unapologetically for God and walk in their God-given purpose.
Unpacking the biblical story of the garden of Eden in Genesis, Rosario reveals the seven areas where shame did not exist in the garden, which are the exact areas where believers are spiritually attacked today:
Communion with God
Identity in God
Community with others
Purpose or work
Dependence on God
Affirmation in or by God
Boundaries from God
By identifying the origins of their own shame--and the ways shame blocks them from living an authentic life--readers will then be able to embrace the four steps to overcoming unhealthy shame patterns. When they begin to own their story, they will be able to give God glory and encourage others who are seeking freedom in him. Then they can embrace being bold for Christ and spread his love far and wide.
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