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Genesis is one of the largest and most fascinating books of the Bible. Its 50 chapters span the creation of the world all the way to the lives of the patriarchs and matriarchs in the promised land. Rose Guide to Genesis< i> will help you keep track of the most important people, places, and stories in the first book of the Bible as you delve into the world of the ancient Near East.

Learn about the people and lands of ancient world from Mesopotamia to Egypt. Discover insights into family structure, customs, and religious practices of ancient peoples to give context to your Bible study. With pictures, charts, maps, and timelines, Rose Guide to Genesis< i> will enhance your understanding of biblical figures like Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Joseph, and others.

About the Series< b> Rose Guides are easy-to-read reference handbooks that explore the people, places, and stories of the Bible. With the colorful maps, charts, and timelines that Rose Publishing is known for, Rose Guides provide readers with key historical and practical insights for understanding the books of the Bible and biblical topics that are important for our lives today.
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