Satan Can Be Stopped (February 2024)

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Stop Satan's Attacks and Receive Heaven s Breakthroughs!< strong>< p>

As freedoms disappear, economies fail, families fracture, violence surges, and hatred rules, what can turn the tides of wickedness?< p>

The answer is far more simple ”and far more powerful ”than you can imagine: Your words. But not just any words.< p>

With tens of thousands of people experiencing healing, restoration, and transformation within his church walls, Pastor Todd Smith knows first-hand the power of targeted decrees and effective prayers. And he wants you to experience the same.< p>

With wisdom, biblical insight, and real-world application, Todd equips you with the potent prayers and miracle-working decrees that stop Satan and unleash Heaven s supernatural power.< p>

Each entry in this dynamic devotional packs a punch, activating you to:< p>

< p>

  • Pray effectively< li>
  • Decree boldly< li>
  • Overturn circumstances< li>
  • Demolish strongholds< li>
  • Transform impossibilities, and receive breakthroughs< li>< ul>

    < p>

    Your words hold the power of life and death. Now is your time to speak with confidence and authority, wielding the weapons that route the enemy, release miracles, and advance the Kingdom.< p>
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