Lethal Range (A Matthew Redd Thriller)

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From the Real Book Spy, Ryan Steck, comes another riveting Matthew Redd thriller.< b>

On an island off the coast of Spain, Matthew Redd and his FBI fly team surveil a luxury villa in hopes of catching a high-value fugitive. But when Redd leads an unauthorized raid on the villa, he discovers they ve been set up, and he is sent home to face the consequences of defying orders.

Meanwhile, Redd s wife, Emily, is on a remote stretch of Montana road driving their sick baby to the doctor when she finds her SUV surrounded by a biker gang intent on harassing her. As the bikers pound her fenders and her infant son screams, Emily fights to keep the SUV on the road . . . and then suddenly the bikers back off, leaving her safe but shaken.

Redd returns home, suspended from his team and certain that he is to blame for Emily s harassment after his run-in with the local biker gang the year before. Fearing that there is more to come, he prepares to defend his family. But Redd soon learns the gang is stronger in numbers than he could ve imagined, and there is more behind their vendetta than he could ve guessed. As his son s condition worsens and his beloved ranch faces financial ruin, he finds himself fighting a war on multiple fronts ”one he can t win on his own.
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