Get Ready For School: Handwriting Wipe-Off Workbook

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Perfect for children in Pre-K through 2nd grade (ages 4-7), the Get Ready for School: Handwriting Wipe-Off Workbook will help your child learn the letters of the alphabet and improve their overall handwriting skills. This spiral-bound book comes with a dry-erase marker and each page includes a wipe-away practice surface so kids have tons of space to write and trace.
Featuring 64 pages filled with fun activities and adorable illustrations meant to joyfully instill essential writing skills, the Get Ready for School: Handwriting Wipe-Off Workbook is ideal for children ages 4-7. Focused on teaching lowercase and uppercase letter formation, the Get Ready for School: Handwriting Wipe-Off Workbook features lessons that will teach young writers how to:

write and trace all 26 letters of the alphabet in uppercase and lowercase
learn to recognize and write all 26 letters using basic sight words
learn to recognize vowels and consonants
practice writing their own name and home address
Great for on-the-go summer learning, and for reinforcing lessons taught during the school day, this wipe-off workbook will help the young writer in your life improve their handwriting.
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