In Defense of the Bible

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"In Defense of the Bible gathers exceptional articles by accomplished scholars that address and respond to the major contemporary challenges to the divine inspiration and authority of Scripture.
Essays begin by examining foundational philosophical approaches to the Bible as well as the methodological challenges those philosophies create for interpreting the Bible. This includes:whether or not it is logically possible for God to communicate verbally with human beings
what it means to say the Bible is true in response to postmodern concerns about the nature of truth
defending the clarity of Scripture against historical skepticism and relativism
Textual and historical challenges and how to deal with them comprise the second section and address straightforwardly-charges that the Bible has been corrupted beyond repair, questions concerning authorship, The Bible's alleged use of pagan myth, and the historical reliability of the Old and New Testaments.
Lastly, final chapters, take on ethical, scientific, and theological challenges and demonstrate the Bible's moral integrity in relationship to modern moral emphases, that science can be harmonized with biblical teaching, that the Christian Canon is more than a result of mere politics, and further establishes that the Bible is the inspired and authoritative word of God.
In Defense of the Bible is an important work that should be considered and studied by all hold the Bible to be God's inspired word. In a time when attacks on the Bible come from both within and outside of evangelical ranks, this book is a timely and needed resource to help us see with clear eyes.
Contributors Include:Paul W. Barnett
Craig A. Blaising
Douglas K. Blount
Paul Copan
Steven B. Cowan
William A. Dembski
Matthew Flannagan
R. Douglas Geivett
James M. Hamilton
Douglas S. Huffman
Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.
Richard R. Melick, Jr.
Charles L. Quarles
Mary Jo Sharp
Daniel B. Wallace
Paul D. Wegner
Terry L. Wilder"

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