The Apocalypse of John Among its Critics (July 2023)

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Should Christians be embarrassed by the book of Revelation?< strong>< p>

The Revelation of John has long confused and disturbed readers. < span>The Apocalypse of John among Its Critics< em> confronts the book s difficulties. Leading experts in Revelation wrestle honestly with a question raised by critics:< span>< p>

  • Should John s Apocalypse be in the canon? (Alan S. Bandy)< span>< li>
  • Was John intentionally confusing? (Ian Paul)< span>< li>
  • Was John a bully? (Alexander E. Stewart)< span>< li>
  • Did John delight in violence? (Dana M. Harris)< span>< li>
  • Was John a chauvinist? (Ka¼lli Taµniste)< span>< li>
  • Was John intolerant to others? (Michael Naylor)< span>< li>
  • Was John antisemitic? (Rob Dalrymple)< span>< li>
  • Did John make things up about the future? (Dave Mathewson)< span>< li>
  • Did John advocate political subversion? (Mark Wilson)< span>< li>
  • Did John misuse the Old Testament? (G.K. Beale)< span>< li>< ul>

    < p>

    Engaging deeply with Revelation s difficulties helps the reader understand the book s message ”and respond rightly. The book of Revelation does not need to be avoided or suppressed. It contains words of life.< span>< p>
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