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Do you yearn to understand the true meaning of reconciliation as taught by the early church? Do you thirst for a deep dive into the mysteries of our faith?< P>

TheosU, an online, nondenominational Bible college, had just three weeks to advertise an online conference set for May 2021. They had no fancy gimmicks, just the invitation œrebel into tradition. < P>

Five thousand people showed up, hungry for traditional Christianity.< P>

Theos Starter Pack: Toward a Recovery of Essential Christianity< I> took shape as a result of that conference. In these twenty essays, TheosU faculty members strive to recover Christianity s basic evangelical framework rooted in Jesus Christ.< P>

The focus is on recovering< I> the roots of Christianity ”recovering the way we teach, recovering orthodoxy, recovering Christian liberty, recovering eschatology, recovering mystery, recovering our care for the persecuted, and so much more that has been displaced by modern culture.< P>

Each writer œtakes into consideration the ageless tradition of Christianity that has been handed down through the centuries, resisting the cultural soup and integrating timeless thinking into an approach that works for the present day,  explains Chris Palmer, TheosU dean. This book is a lifeline œto pull yourself out of the soup. < P>

Theos Starter Pack< I>< I>recovers beautiful elements of ancient Christianity that have been lost or shoved aside in modern society. It s food for the souls of those who long for a return to the roots of our faith.< P>
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