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In the countryside of Virginia, no one called Charlotte Digges Moon by her real name. And no one expected this mischievous girl to move across the world to be one of the first female missionaries. But Lottie Moon was not just any girl.
This biographical picture book tells the story of how Lottie left behind everything she knew and dedicated her life to taking the gospel to China. There she spent decades traveling from village to village, offering home-baked cookies to connect with the people and tell them about Jesus. She made their home her home, living and dressing like them. Most of all, she loved them well and taught them Jesus, writing and sending hundreds of letters to America to raise money for her work. Her tireless determination left a legacy on both sides of the world.
Narrated by a friendly panda who is eager to tell readers all about China and about Lottie’s influence, this book offers a unique view at what living for God can look like, wherever you are. Readers will be inspired by Lottie’s bravery and encouraged to break through barriers to share their own faith.
Lottie Moon: The Girl Who Reached the World is the third book in the Here I Am! biography series for kids ages four to eight, which highlights fascinating and faithful Christians in history. Also available: Dietrich Bonhoeffer: The Teacher Who Became a Spy and C.S. Lewis: The Very Happy Christian.
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