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God has given you a new, revolutionary identity, as well as the skills, gifts, and talents to fulfill the purpose He put in your heart.
Our culture tells us that we can determine our identity. It’s our choice, and we fulfill it using grit and determination. But a biblical identity is discovered. Like a treasure hunt, we search the Scriptures to find the diamonds of truth that shine with brilliance and tell us who we are and how God wants to use us.
Our sense of identity is the lid on our personal growth. If we’re wracked by self-doubt, fear, and shame, we’ll either be hesitant or impulsive—or both! But when God opens our hearts to truly experience the wonder of His love—and be convinced of it—the lid is removed. We’ll become the people God created us to be, and we’ll be the fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, friends, mentors, and leaders He wants us to be.
Join Scott in Identity as he shares his deeply personal journey of discovering his God-given identity. You’ll gain wisdom on how to seek after yours and find courage to pursue it. Trust God. Trust His timing. Trust His process. He will show up and confirm your identity.
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