Your Next Leap Of Faith

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With amazing testimonies and real-world application, social media missionary Shane Winnings offers the audacious encouragement and contagious courage you need to quiet your fears and anxiety, break free from the world's crushing expectations, and say yes to the life of incredible adventures, lifesaving protection, and improbable peace God's prepared for you.
In just nineteen days, former Special Forces Army Officer and police officer Shane Winnings went from a public six-figure career to an unpaid, full-time missionary position across the country. His story exploded across social media, rocketing him to become recognized by millions as a real-world beacon of hope. In feeds full of negativity and superficiality, his audacious daily encouragement gives you courage to live brightly in a world dominated by darkness and division.
With incredible testimonies and practical, real-world application, Shane shows how hearing God's voice changes the trajectory of your entire life. No longer bound to the world's crushing expectations, he empowers you to
· say yes to Jesus
· seek his voice
· take a risk to boldly follow him
· quiet your fears and anxiety
· hunger for more of God
· live by faith in a faithless world
You can have a life full of incredible adventures, lifesaving protection, and improbable peace. Here is everything you need to take your next leap of faith--and soar into the future God's prepared you for.

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