Remaining You While Raising Them

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A guilt-free guide that strips away the myths you've believed about motherhood and offers you a new way to think--about your kids, yourself, and being the mom you've always wanted to be.
A recent Barna study stated that 80 percent of mothers are stressed out, 70 percent are tired, and 56 percent are overcommitted. This book is for them: every mom who feels overwhelmed, worried, stressed, overstimulated, tired, and strung out by all the demands of taking care of little--or not-so-little--humans.
Bestselling author, life and business coach, and mom of five boys Alli Worthington believes too many moms have neglected to take care of arguably the one person who matters most: themselves. In Remaining You While Raising Them, Alli shares guilt-free, often hilarious, empowering, and research-informed advice to help you:
Intentionally care for yourself--spiritually, emotionally, and physically--amidst the demands of motherhood
Drop the "good mom" myths that have been stealing your happiness
Take back your own identity by discovering the unique type of mom you are
Let go of social pressure, conquer mom guilt, and stop toxic comparison once and for all
Discover easy tools for building your confidence and developing a healthy mom mindset

Raising children who are spiritually, emotionally, and physically healthy is essential, but to accomplish that heroic feat, mothers also need to be healthy in those areas. It's time to rediscover the beauty, the joy, and the sacred and secret art of confident motherhood together.
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