Seeing As Jesus Sees

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Life and relationships can be complicated and frustrating. But when we see ourselves, others, and the world through the eyes of Jesus, everything changes. Instead of pain we can see purpose. Instead of opposition, opportunity. Instead of fear, freedom.
Thankfully, Spirit-filled sight isn't reserved for the spiritually elite. It's available to all of us through a simple, intimate prayer: "Jesus, how do you see this?" When you see as Jesus sees, you'll be empowered to
· discover the wonder and beauty you've been missing
· clear away needless frustrations and misunderstandings
· take the limits off your life
· see others with genuine compassion and faith
· have hope again for the world through Christ's victory over sin and death
If you long to live with greater joy, victory, and wonder, let pastor Alan Wright lead you through the Scriptures to the Savior's side to see everything from his perspective. You're going to love the view!
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