Islam and the Bible

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Overseen by the Jenkins Center for the Christian Understanding of Islam at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Islam and the Bible offers a high-quality edited volume critically assessing and addressing the theology, missiology and anthropology of Bible translation, with a special emphasis on translations for Muslim audiences, including translations described as “Muslim-idiom” translations.
Christians living and ministering in Muslim contexts, even as early as the 7th century, have always adapted their language and public witness to cultural and religious sensibilities of their audience. As theologians, missiologists, and practitioners seek to think carefully about issues surrounding such contextualization, one of the most important considerations concerns the translation of terms and phrases, such as “Son of God” or whether to use “Allah” to refer to God. This project aims to bring together leading voices in the discussion, representing a spectrum of approaches, to explore the issues surrounding “Muslim Idiom Translation.” It will also uniquely consider the voices of practitioners of ministry to Muslims and Bible translation, as well as cultural natives to Islamic contexts.
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