City of God: Chapter I & II (CD)

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˜People & Songs release the stunning debut of Melanie Tierces album, ˜City of God: Chapter I & II. The record tells the epic tale of redemption in every lyric and every note. It is imaginative and fills your spirit to the brim with the Truth-filled tapestry of our life with God. The Gospel goes forth through story and song in an unforgettable, state-altering way that easily becomes part of you. Each song is a journey into the heart of God
1. Sing (feat. People & Songs)
2. City Of God
3. What Love Is Like (feat. Kaden Slay, People & Songs)
4. Simple
5. Hallelujah My Soul Sings (feat. People & Songs)
6. So Close (feat. Kaden Slay)
7. Dont Ever Let Me Go
8. I Am Your God
9. One More Step
10. Give Us Your Heart (feat. Kaden Slay, People & Songs)
11. Compelled (feat. People & Songs)
12. When The Stars Burn Down (feat. People & Songs)
13. O Death
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